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Creators of new art music no longer define themselves strictly by a single notion of identity but by combined identities comprising various styles, origins and technologies. 

Among the members of the board of the IGNM Bern these 'modular identities' are strongly pronounced. 

With the 2019 season programme, we want to present various types of musical performance and investigate these in an accompanying roundtable. For this we are looking for project submissions that have a strong connection to one or more of the following 'themes':


New art music as instrumental 'event' or body performance has become the norm. We are looking for exceptionally interesting examinations of instruments as bodies, bodies as instruments and the intensive kind of interfacing that occurs between them. 


Research toward the evolution of humankind and its place in the natural and man-made environment through technologies such as extended cognition, algorithms, interfaces and all kinds of electronics. 

3) MIX & MASH:

An orgy of overlapping styles: pop, ambient, electro, new wave, groove, house, metal as well as the multifarious branches of new art music take over the senses… It all comes down to setup and an individual stylistic blend.


The feeling of belonging in cultural and societal terms, emigration, immigration, cosmopolites and citizens of the world: where do we belong and where do we want to belong? 

For the application we require a project dossier consisting of a text of about one (1) A4 page in English, German or French, that describes how the project 'embodies' one or more of the above themes, a concrete programme (composer, work title, year, duration, instrumentation etc.), the biographies or CVs of all project personnel and a project budget. 

Please identify your application in the subject field as "Public Call - Saison 2019". The application is to be sent by e-mail to info[at] by 30th September 2018.

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