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KIT (2015) is composed of people from different cultures and background, looking at the same music theatre direction, based in Zurich.
For those who consider all the other living beings as part of the same family, regardless of their blood, if they are a fish or a mammal, or speaking the same language, the totem is the main symbol of this collective.
They create music theater pieces together, between fiction and documentary platforms. The aim is to showcase a performative experience through this practice.
They also interpret and stage contemporary music scores from musical repertoire.

Léo Collin has studied music composition in Geneva and Zurich with M. Jarrell and I. Mundry. His works have been performed in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania by ensembles such as Intercontemporain, Lucillin, Avanti, Eklekto, Soundinitiative, Les Voix Animées, Les Metaboles, Musicatreize, Batida ...

He composes music theatre for the Kollektiv Totem. He won lots of prizes for his work. He lives and works in Zurich.

Nuriya Khasenova was born in a family of musicians, started learning music since the age of four and graduated from Moscow School-College. She has taken part in International musical competitions and festivals in Russia, Ukraine, China (Shenzhen), Hong-Kong, Italy and Holland. In 2013, she obtained the 2nd prize at the International flute competition in Poland. In 2012, she moved to Switzerland to further extend her education at the Haute école de musique de Genève in the class of Michel Bellavance (flute). She is a recent graduate of Master of the Arts in music performance in flute performance with Philippe Racine.
Currently Nuriya is exploring the techniques of contemporary music, free improvisation and continues to pursue different musical festivals and projects.

Kay Zhang is a developing and thriving entrepreneur who advocates herself through chamber music and is an interdisciplinary collaborator. She is currently founding member of the Ensemble du Bout du Monde and Kollektiv International Totem.
Kay thrives in working with developing composers and collaborations with other art disciplines. She has a large interest in visual communications, interjecting social memes into her work and curates many different projects and platforms around the world. She obtained her education in Australia and furthered her practice in France, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.
Kay has great interest in cross-culture, political identity, human gender rights and environments. She dedicates herself to focus and extend her research and knowledge of her instrument but also aims to push the boundaries of performance experiences through improvisation, social and multimedia, curatorial studies, and culture studies.

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